Britain was last conquered in 1066, with its last civil war in 1645. Britain has been prosperous for most of the last 200 years. This is not just historical trivia; it is the basis for a stable economy and an open legal system. This is why it is easier to form a company in the United Kingdom than anywhere else in Europe. It also explains why UK-registered companies have so few problems with rules and regulations. Forming a company in UK allows you to take advantage of profitable regulations within Europe in a cost effective manner.

UK Company Formation

UK Company Formation

Among the many advatanges of the United Kingdom as a jurisdiction for your European company, are a stable and knowledgeable corporate environment as well as a good reputation location. Uk companies have a 20% corporate tax levied on all income, domestic and international. VAT registration is not compulsory until your business does more than £ 80,000 of sales making the initial steps of forming a UK company easier.


From € 999

  • Company registration
  • Company Secretary Service
  • Registered Address
  • Annual report not bookkeeping


From € 1,499

  • Basic Pack +
  • Malta Account (no month fees)
  • Payment System (conditions)
  • Mastercard + POS device


From € 1,999

  • Gold Pack +
  • Express Registration Service
  • Esmology Services Guaranty

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