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At Esmology Group we propel your business on the international scene. Wether you are an entrepreneurs, a small and medium business or a multinational, we can extend your market reach. For 15 years the Esmology Group has been forming subsidiaries and companies in more than 30 jurisdictions around the world. We also further service our clients by providing related and demanded services such as bank account arrangements, payment solutions and web development.
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Introduction to company formation

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The world economy has been digitized and offers cross-border opportunities like never before. Today you can form and manage from a thousand miles away from the comfort of your desk. What used to take great investments to establish brick & mortar subsidiaries in a target market, takes today few hours and thousand dollars and you are set in that jurisdiction.

It is no more a discussion about offshore or onshore companies, but more about internationalization of companies. A great number of jurisdictions offer attractive fiscal incentives but in many cases the taxes are not the only parameter. What you need to take into consideration when looking at forming an international company is:

  • Are you dealing with digital goods or services or tangible products
  • Are there legal requirements for the delivery of your products/services to your target market
  • Who are your customers and what are their purchasing habits
  • What are the costs of company maintenance vs. the taxes you may pay
  • What are the banking and payment services providers you can access

Esmology Group assist you in answering these questions and choosing the best jurisdiction for your project. Esmology Group can form companies in more than 30 jurisdictions, get in touch with us if you need more details.

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