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For more than 15 years the Esmology Group has been assisting multinationals, small and medium entreprises as well as individual entrepreneurs with company formation service. We cover more than 35 jurisdictions around the world where we can form subsidiaries or full fledged companies. Thanks to an extensive network of partners in the legal, accounting and banking sectors, Esmology is able to offer all the associated services needed by a business such as bank account opening, payment systems, web development and other services.
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Business Address

Whether you want to protect your privacy or simply boost your company’s image, you can use our prestigious business address as yours for the basic price of EUR 149 a year.

We offer you the choice of a business address located in 14 countries worldwide -- certainly a convenience especially if business documents have to be delivered physically to you. Once we receive your mail, we can forward it to any location you’d prefer.
Mail forwarding is done by batch and sent to you in regular intervals. You also have the option to have your mail scanned and forwarded to you via email. Express couriers are also an alternative, but the extra fees will have to be charged to you.

Impress Your Clients:

Sometimes, a business address is worth a thousand words. A few lines on your business card or your mail can be all that it takes to win over a client. Never underestimate the power of company image as it is key to building for business for success. Using Oobac’s prestigious business center will definitely work to your advantage.

Secure Your Business:

Using a “proxy” address also helps keep you safe. You don’t have to send out a business address that can be exploited by third parties. By taking the necessary precautions, you’re also avoiding unnecessary attention.

Contract and Fees:

You can choose among the addresses of our business centers located in 14 countries (see “Available Locations” for a full list). The contracted term is a minimum of one year at EUR 149 annually. Additional fees may apply, depending on the choice of location.

Required Documents:

1. Copy of Passport and Valid ID
2. Proof of Address

Mail Privacy:

Your mail will always be secured and kept confidential. However, we reserve the right to take appropriate action if packages or mail delivered to our centers are harmful or illegal (e.g. weapons, chemicals). You are also answerable to any taxes that the country might require to be paid for your mail.

An Important Note:

While our business centers can be used to represent your company in its business transactions, keep in mind that official documents such as those that are issued by the government would call for your own business address. This service is also not to be used for personal correspondence.

We prohibit the use of our business centers’ addresses in media advertisements such as newspapers, television, and the radio. We also do not take part in reseller activities.

If we find that our terms and conditions have been violated, we may terminate our services and will grant no refund.

Some activities considered illegal or prohibited from using this service:
1. Fraud and other illegal activities
2. Unlicensed business activities
3. Use of address for government documents
4. Use of address for personal activities
5. Use of address in media advertising
6. Resale activities
7. Direct mail activities
8. Activities illegal in any of the involved countries

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