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PROPEL YOUR BUSINESS WORLDWIDE At Esmology we are specialized in international and offshore company formation (U.S.A, U.K, B.V.I, China, Seychelles, Switzerland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Belize, U.A.E & Canada) including e-commerce solution.

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Seychelles is an independent republic that belongs to the British Commonwealth. Seychelles is made up of a group of islands found in the Indian Ocean, with its largest island being Mahé and it’s capital at Victoria. Although English is the primary language used for business matters, other official languages of Seychelles are French and Creole. With a very stable government and attractive tax conditions, Seychelles is one of the best places to begin an offshore business.

Advantages of incorporating an IBC offshore company in the Seychelles islands

Allowed activities Trading, Consulting, Holding, Real Estate Property etc…
Low fixed tax for incomes made out of Seychelles (USD 100 per year)
Non-disclosure of director(s)
Non-disclosure of shareholder(s)
No Accountancy or audit Requirements
Everything can be done from your country
Only one director needed to form company
Only one shareholder needed to form company
Banking details kept confidential
100% foreign ownership of the company
No minimum capital required
Capability to obtain a UE VAT number
Capability to apply for a financial license (With the CSL)
Network of non Double taxation treaties

Our Company Formation Pack includes :

  • Research and reservation of company name
  • Incorporation of the company within 2-3 weeks’ time
  • Registered address (mail forwarding in option)
  • Statement of organizers (document that prove your company ownership)
  • Bylaws (status of your company)
  • Board Resolution (document required by the bank)

Opportunity in Seychelles: Form a Special License Company (CSL) to extend the range of activities of your company to the financial field

Special License Companies (CSL) are formed under the Companies (Special License) Act, 2003 (the Act). Unlike the IBC, a CSL may carry on permitted business in or out of Seychelles. The CSL entity is a Seychelles domestic company (under the Companies Act 1972), which is granted a special license under the Act. This structure has the same advantages as the IBC, but it also includes a special licence giving you the opportunity to manage financial activities. Such licence can be quite expensive in other jurisdictions.

Offshore bank account opening features

  • Documents required to open an offshore bank account (requirements may vary from bank to bank):

    - Copy of your passport or National ID Card

    - Proof of address (e.g. utility bill such as water electricity internet or telecom)

    - You resume/CV up to date with your academic and professional experiences

    - If possible but not compulsory: A Reference letter of a banker/notary public/accountant/lawyer

    All these documents have to be dated of less than 2 months. The documents allow the bank to verify the existence of the client and his solvency in order to limit any possible risks, as they will never really meet the client.

    Bank Account opening process:

    • Account will be opened within 3 weeks of document collection and successful submission of bank application
    • Opening done from remote location
    • Minimum deposit is between EURO 500.00 and EURO 1000.00 (depending on bank)
    • Visa card/MasterCard available once you have funds in your account.
    • Internet banking facilities provided (bank transfers, account checking)

Please note that all banks have the right to decline any bank account application. In the case of a rejection, we will try to open your bank account at another bank. If we are not able to successfully open an account at any bank (due to no fault of the client), we will refund your payment.

Please feel free to get in touch with us for any clarifications. Simply click the link below to fill up our brief order form and we shall get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to providing you with our excellent service!

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